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The Polish Law Collection contains Translations of 50 Polish Acts.

The Polish-English “PolTerm” Dictionary of Legal Terms with Definitions


Entering PLC program

Log on toYou can access The Polish Law Collection program after logging on. In order to open the program, select the PLC tab from the main menu.


Supported web browsers

For correct operationoptimal use of The Polish Law Collection program we recommend the latest versions of the following browsers:

  • Chrome
  • Firefox
  • Safari
  • Internet Explorer

with Javascript language enabled.

We cannot guarantee the correct functioning of the PLC application in older versions of browsers.


Main window

The program window is divided into three vertical panels:

  • the left panel Acts contains a drop-down menu of all available legal instruments;
  • the middle panel Contents displays the contents of legal instruments;
  • the right panel Global Search Results shows search results of search in all available instruments.




The search window is on the program’s upper toolbar. It enables searching a selected word or phrase:

  • in the text on a given page;
  • in all available legal instruments – "Global Search" option (see picture);
  • in fragments marked on the list of instruments – "Search only in checked items" option (see picture).

Search results are displayed in the right panel.

When searching for text on a page, you can use wildcards. Wildcards are special symbols which can be substituted for one or more characters. The most frequently used wildcard symbol is ‘*’, which represents any number of characters. Any single character is represented by ‘?’.

Wildcard – for a detailed description see:



For quick dropping down or rolling up of the list of instruments – click on the arrow next to the title while pressing the ‘ctrl’ key (‘cmd’ on Apple keyboards).

It possible to quickly tick a checkbox in order to conduct a search, without displaying the contents of the act, moving up and down the list using arrow keys and changing the selection with spacebar or Enter key.



Creating annotations:
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